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Access to better mental health care
for everyone

We believe in a world where behavioral health is treated with the same respect, rigor, and focus of other chronic diseases.

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Our mission

We believe that good mental health is just as important as physical health. That when you show up for your mind, it shows up for you.​

So we’re on a mission to create a world where mental health care is no longer stigmatized or marginalized, but embraced as a part of everyday well-being.​

We make it simple and convenient for patients everywhere to match with the right therapist. There’s no one-size fits all here. People are multifaceted and mental health can be, too. It’s why we facilitate personalized care for individuals and not just symptoms — tailored, compassionate, and backed by science.​

At our core, we’re here to make a positive impact. To help anyone managing mental health feel and live their best lives, and to be a force for positive change in the field of mental health care.​

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From our CEO

Talent is my #1 priority. Our mission is to make mental healthcare work for everyone and we can only achieve this by building, and nurturing, the strongest teams. I am grateful for our employees who could have worked anywhere but chose to join Path. Thank you for considering joining our team!

Josh Bruno

Josh Bruno - Founder & CEO
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Our values

Bias to Action
Nobody else is more capable of solving this problem than you are right now.

Put your life jacket on before helping others.

Be yourself and be open to others.

Take care of one another.

Be honest even if it’s uncomfortable.

Operational Rigor
Don’t just meet the bar, raise it.


Providing comprehensive and competitive employee benefits to support the well-being of our team.

The ability to work remotely from any location in the US

Competitive pay and benefits that aren’t geo-locked

Two company-wide shut-down weeks a year for self-care

Access to 401(k) personal retirement plan

Paid parental leave to support you and your family

Medical, dental, and vision employer insurance plans

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) through our insurance

The equipment you need for your home office

A nationwide network

Our nationwide network of employees enables us to provide accessible and high-quality mental health care services to individuals across the country.

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We hire the best from all across the country, and together, we’re doing extraordinary work to make quality mental health accessible for all.

It’s no surprise that when the people we hire are good down to the soul, the work we do together is, too. Everyday we step out of our comfort zone to invent and reinvent on behalf of patients and mental healthcare professionals.

On the surface, we provide a range of mental health services and applications, but at our core, we’re breaking down barriers — ensuring people everywhere give their minds the love and care it deserves.

Our Product, Engineering, and Design teams come together to develop and maintain our digital platforms, but they also ensure our tech is friendly, secure, reliable, and private.

Our Support, Operations, and Billing team work together to provide our network of therapists with resources and on-call support to do their best work.

Our Quality Care Team is responsible for analyzing clinical data to ensure best practices on behalf of patients, and provide therapists with ongoing training and education.

Join us

Join our mission-driven team and make a positive impact on mental health care.

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team activities

We believe setting healthy boundaries is part of caring for your mental well-being, which is why work-life balance is so important at Path.

Path is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse remote work culture where everyone can feel valued and supported. We believe that diversity of thought, background, and experience are essential for driving innovation and delivering our very best work.

We actively seek to create a culture where every team member feels comfortable being themselves and can thrive in their work. Our hiring practices prioritize diversity and inclusion, and we strive to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in our industry.

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