Path Mental Health offers online therapy in Glendale.

Doctors, researchers, and therapists continue to learn—and validate—the importance of good mental health. Mental health affects everything, including our psychological, social, and emotional well-being and touches so many areas of our lives. From childhood through adulthood, mental health matters … and impacts every part of who and how you are.

This is why Path Mental Health in Glendale wants to help you find the right therapist who is covered by your insurance and is able to help you address whatever needs or challenges you are currently facing. Never be embarrassed to get the help you need and deserve. You—and those you love—are worth the effort.

Regardless of what you are feeling or facing right now—from high-functioning anxiety to deep depression (and everything in between!)—you are not alone. The Path Mental Health team in Glendale is ready and available to help you take the next important step on your mental health journey.

And it gets better! Since Path Mental Health offers online appointments, you can now get the same level of care from the comfort and convenience of your own home—whether you live in Glendale or any city in California!

Ease Your Mind, Glendale.

In this time of global uncertainty, it’s completely normal to experience big feelings. Even if you are not someone who typically deals with anxiety or depression, you may be feeling additional pressure at home, work, or school. You might even feel like you have nobody to talk to about it. But you do. And you have no reason to feel ashamed to admit that you are struggling. Many factors contribute to the state of our mental health, including—

  • Biology – yep, our genes and our brain chemistry can work for or against us at times. And when biology is responsible for our state of mind, it can be difficult to know how to improve it. But there are things that can help!
  • Circumstances – abuse, trauma, change—and a host of other life experiences—can unnerve and unsettle us. Some of these circumstances are big and life-changing, while others feel embarrassingly small.
  • Family History – if others in the family have faced ongoing mental health challenges, it’s possible (though not certain) that you will, too. This isn’t cause for alarm. Instead, it should simply cause us to be more vigilant about our own mental health needs.

The good news? No matter what has triggered it, you don’t have to suffer with mental health challenges. You can face them head on and watch yourself grow stronger.

Top 5 Ways to Relax in Glendale

Here are a few ways you can give yourself some space to relax and heal right here in Glendale—

Brand Park: Nestled at the base of the beautiful Verdugo Mountains, this 31-acre park offers all kinds of restful and relaxing opportunities from hiking to biking and everything in between. With several designated picnic areas, you can take a friend or your journal and spend some time reflecting. While you’re there, visit the Brand Library or the Whispering Pine Tea House and Friendship Garden.

Glendale Farmers Market: One of the best things we can do for ourselves when we’re feeling down is feed ourselves good, healthy food. And the Glendale Farmers Market is a great place to make that happen.

Griffith Park Dog Park: If you have a furry friend—or if you simply like being around dogs—this is a great place to hang out. This no-frills, 1.6-acre fenced-in park for off-leash dogs is a great place to unwind. It offers water fountains and benches and is often a place where friends—including the human kind—meetup to hang out.

Wellness from Within: Sometimes a therapeutic massage is just the ticket to relax and rejuvenate. Glendale has some highly recommended spas—including Wellness from Within—that offer deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, hot stones, cupping treatments, and aromatherapy. Getting a massage may not be the permanent solution to your mental health needs, but it can improve your state of mind and help you get the rest you need and deserve.

Path Mental Health in Glendale: In addition to all the wonderful things Glendale has to offer, it can be a good and healthy decision to seek professional support on your mental health journey. The team at Path Mental Health in Glendale are here for you and would love to work with you to take the next step. Call Path today to be connected to the intake team and begin the path toward better mental health.

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