Path Mental Health Offers Affordable Therapy in Irvine

As the world and your life change, your mental health becomes a priority. Path Mental Health in Irvine, California, pairs you with a qualified mental health provider to help you through life’s transitions. Whether you have insurance, or are self-paying for therapy, our providers are available for both in-person and online sessions. Path Mental Health eases your concerns including scheduling, diversity, and area of need, by providing a range of therapists from which to choose. Let Path Mental Health in Irvine do the work for you to partner you with a therapist who will tend to your mental health needs.

Get the Most Out of Life in Irvine with Path Mental Health

Located in Southern California, Irvine offers an ideal combination of business opportunities, career advancements, housing and beach access. Getting the most out of your life in Irvine will depend on your personal goals, commitments, and lifestyle. However, even in the most ideal of cities with tremendous opportunities for work and play, mental health concerns may arise. Instead of denying your feelings such as anxiety, depression, or trauma-related emotions, understand that mental health concerns often happen unexpectedly. In contrast, you may feel a mental health challenge slowly escalating. For example, if you are experiencing less joy when participating in activities that previously brought you greater amounts of happiness. This is where Path Mental Health enters to pair you with a therapist who understands your current mental health state. Our therapists work with you to set mental health goals, so you can concentrate on things that bring you joy.

5 Ways to Relax in Irvine

William R. Mason Regional Park in Irvine

The William R. Mason Regional Park offers over 300 acres for all your relaxation activities. The park is also wheelchair accessible if you want to walk or roll through the trails and leave your anxieties in the parking lot. You also have opportunities for picnics, bird-watching, playgrounds, and volleyball. Find a quiet location to meditate while you close your eyes and perform relaxation techniques provided by Path Mental Health therapists.

Irvine’s Orange County Great Park

Spend a relaxing day at the Orange County Great Park and choose from a variety of activities to fit all your moods. For instance, if you have always wanted to see the area from a hot air balloon, rise 400 feet above the park to see your city in a new way. Or, if walking a trail is relaxing for you, choose the 1.5-mile trail for your meditation time, or to watch birds or smell the blooming flowers. You will also find movies, ice skating and more to help you ease your cares and take a break from your daily stress. Orange County Great Park is helpful for those who find relaxation in activities.

IRWD San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

If large crowds of people are affecting your mental health, escape to the San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary and spend hours with nature. Photograph natural landscapes, flowers and animals to preserve your memories and bring you immediately back to the relaxing properties of this sanctuary. Not only is it a sanctuary for wildlife, let it be your relaxation place. Make your way through over eleven miles of trails to fit your desires of the day. Some trails are easier to navigate than others and many pass by ponds and a variety of wildlife including ducks, raccoons, and fish. You may also learn something about the water life preservation efforts at this sanctuary which helps you to feel part of a local and global society.

Irvine’s Boomer Canyon

Boomer Canyon provides a little history, relaxation, and a workout. The old Irvine Cattle Ranch Camp existed on the canyon site and some of the original buildings still stand. Boomer Canyon has 4.6 miles of trails, some of which can be navigated alone, while others will require a guide. Bring your camera to record the beautiful surroundings and occasional animals you will see on the trail. Take time to practice relaxing breathing while you are enjoying the fresh air and focus your thoughts in the moment instead of on your to-do list.

Path Mental Health in Irvine

Depending on your lifestyle and work commitments, your time with a Path Mental Health therapist in Irvine may be the only time of the week you have for yourself. Therapy can often be relaxing as you are able to be yourself and let down your guard. Use this time to focus on your mental health and discover the tools you need for self-improvement, self-care, and relaxation. Our therapists teach you ways to incorporate relaxation into your daily routine, so it becomes part of your schedule. Path Mental Health welcomes the opportunity to be part of your relaxation list.


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