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How often do you take time to check in with your mental health and well-being? Many of us don’t do it enough, leading to a build-up of stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. You can’t just ignore or work these feelings away. The best way to get a real grasp on your mental and emotional health is to work through these feelings with a trained therapist. As a busy person, it can be hard to find the right therapist — and then make time to meet with them. That’s why Path Mental Health in Manhattan Beach makes it easy to get the help you need.

Path Mental Health matches you with a therapist that specializes in your areas of concern. The diverse network includes therapists of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds, so you feel comfortable speaking with someone who resonates with you. With online therapy sessions, getting help is more convenient and accessible than ever.

One of the biggest problems people face when looking for a therapist is finding someone who accepts their insurance. Path Mental Health makes sure to pair you with a provider that takes your plan to keep your sessions affordable.

Find the Right Therapist with Path Mental Health in Manhattan Beach

Even with its beautiful smooth sands and clear waters, life isn’t always a beach in Manhattan Beach, CA. Like everyone, residents experience daily stressors, like work deadlines and heavy traffic, which slowly take a toll on their mental and emotional health. Not to mention, this expensive beach town can cause financial stress that contributes to anxiety and feelings of depression. While the people in Manhattan Beach are extremely kind, the lack of diversity makes it easy to feel isolated, especially if you are different.

Even the day-to-day expectations of life can be enough to make you seek help. It’s completely normal, and millions of people worldwide partake in therapy to maintain overall wellness.

5 Surprising Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Manhattan Beach

Taking some time to unplug and exist in the present moment can work wonders on your overall mood. Fortunately, Manhattan Beach is buzzing with scenic beauty, fun activities, great food, and plenty of opportunities for retail therapy. Here are a few ways to relax and unwind in Manhattan Beach.

Visit the Beach

Of course, the beach is a major attraction in this town. You have a few options to choose from, including Manhattan County Beach, El Porto Beach, and Bruce’s Beach. These beaches typically draw fewer crowds than Santa Monica or Venice, giving you some tranquility and peace. Listening to the waves crashing and feeling the warmth of the sun can both help ease your stress, drop your blood pressure levels, and leave you feeling Zen.

Go for a Walk at the Park or “The Strand”

Manhattan Beach is also home to beautiful parks, such as Sand Dune and Live Oak Parks. You’ll find trails, interesting plants, and plush grass to enjoy. Research shows that spending time in nature can improve mood, lower anxiety, and even boost your brain function.


The Strand is a natural 6-mile path along the beach side. It’s a perfect spot for cycling, running, or walking. Exercises like these also release feel-good endorphins, which are sure to leave you in good spirits.

Stroll the Manhattan Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier represents the oldest concrete pier on the west coast. It offers views of Palos Verdes Peninsula on one side and beautiful beach homes on the other. At the top of the pier, you can pop into the Roundhouse Aquarium for free. This Manhattan Beach staple has viewing pools and touch tanks to keep you entertained.

View Captivating Art

If you want to let your mind wander in a creative way, try taking in some art at the Manhattan Beach Art Center or Riley Arts Gallery. Both establishments display unique pieces that capture the city’s culture.

Meet with Your Path Mental Health Therapist in Manhattan Beach

It’s okay to admit that you need a little more support than these activities can provide. Meeting with a Path Mental Health Therapist in Manhattan Beach is one of the best ways to find peace of mind all day long. Path Mental Health therapists are there to guide you toward activities and exercises that can provide relief for your specific needs. Plus, each qualified therapist gives you the non-judgmental listening ear you need to work through your feelings from the comfort of your home.

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